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There is a white horse, Hansen, running in today's Kentucky Derby.

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Q: Has a white horse ever run in Kentucky Derby?
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Has a gray horse ever won the Kentucky Derby?


Has a Tennessee walking horse ever been in the Kentucky Derby?

No! The Kentucky Derby has always been restricted to purebred Thoroughbreds.

Did the horse Animal Kingdom ran two Kentucky Derby?

Horses can only run in the Kentucky Derby as a three year old. As such, no horse ever runs the Derby more than once.

What Kentucky Derby winner is considered the greatest horse ever?


What was the fastest horse ever in the Kentucky Derby?

The great "Big Red" Secretariat

Has a quarter horse ever been in Kentucky Derby?

No. The race is strictly for Thoroughbreds.

What was the name of the fastest horse to ever win the Kentucky Derby?

Of course , none other than the great Secretariat with the speed record at the Kentucky Derby of 1.59.40

Who was the last horse to win the Kentucky Derby in under 2 minutes?

Only two horses have ever run the Kentucky Derby in under 2 minutes: Secretariat in 1973 and Monarchos in 2001.

What happened in the Kentucky Derby in 2009?

The 2009 Kentucky Derby was held on May 2nd. The winning horse was Mine That Bird, ridden by Calvin Borel. Mine That Bird paid $103.20 to win, making him the second longest shot to ever win the Derby.

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

What horse ran the fastest time at the preakness?

SECRETARIAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best horse ever he holds all records at the Kentucky derby and at the preekness and by 2 second at the belmont he is the best horse ever

What horse won the Kentucky Derby in 2001?

Monarchos won the Kentucky Derby in 2001. He ran the second fastest Derby ever recorded, behind Secretariat. He is one of only two horses (the other being Secretariat, of course) to get a time under 2 minutes.

How many women have won the Kentucky Derby?

No female jockey or trainer has ever won the Kentucky Derby.

How fast was the fastest Kentucky Derby horse ever?

Secretariat holds the records for all three Triple Crown races. His time in the Derby was 1:59 2/5.

Was the Kentucky Derby ever held in Chattanooga?

No. It has always been held in Kentucky, not Tennessee. Hence the name "Kentucky Derby".

Who was the 1st person to ever win the Kentucky Derby?

Depends on what you mean by "person". The first horse to win the Kentucky Derby was Aristides. The "person" or jockey riding him was Oliver Lewis. The trainer was Ansel Williamson and the owner was Hal P. McGrath.

Did Seabiscuit ever run in the Kentucky Derby?

No, he was a late starter in his racing career and not a great horse until well past the 3 year age requirement for the Derby.

What mares have won the Kentucky Derby?

Technically, a mare is defined as a female horse over the age of three. A filly is a female horse three years or younger. Since the Kentucky Derby is a race for 3-year-olds only, no mare has ever won. However, three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby: Regret (1915); Genuine Risk (1980); and Winning Colors (1988).

Did Cigar ever win the Kentucky Derby?


What was the fastest time for horseback riding?

1:59.4 was he fastest and was a record set by Secretariat "The Greatest Horse That Ever Lived" at the Kentucky Derby.

Who was the first female jockey to win the Kentucky Derby?

No female jockey has ever finished better than 11th in Kentucky Derby.

What year did the first black jockey win the Kentucky Derby?

1875, when Oliver Lewis won the first ever Kentucky Derby.

Did pat day ever win the Kentucky Derby?

Yea, he won the 1992 Kentucky Derby riding Lil E. Tee.

What is the capital of horses?

Most People would say that the capital of horses is Kentucky. Kentucky has the famous Kentucky Derby and it also is home to one of the most refound Horse hospitals which personally kept my horse from loosing her sight. So if you ever are in Kentucky you should definatly have no trouble at all finding a place to see horses and maybe ever ride a little

Has the Kentucky Derby ever been called off?