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As of Super Bowl XLVII, no.

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2013-02-22 20:56:16
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Q: Has a team ever made it to a super bowl when their city was hosting it?
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Did any team hosting the Super Bowl ever win the Super Bowl while they were hosting it?

No. The host city of the Superbowl has never seen its team make the Superbowl.

Any team won Super Bowl in own stadium while hosting?

No team in the Super Bowl has ever played in its own stadium.

Will the Super Bowl ever be in Pittsburgh?

It could be one day because they hold the Super Bowl in different places every year and they held it in Miami this year (2010), and Joe McGrath, Pittsburgh's president of the city's tourism agency expressed great interest in hosting a Super Bowl.

Did Chicago ever host a Super bowl game?

The city of Chicago has never hosted a Super Bowl.

Have the Kansas City Chiefs ever won a super bowl?

They won Super bowl 4 in 1970.

Who won the first Super Bowl ever?

The Green Bay Packers won the first ever Super Bowl by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs.

Has any city ever hosted the Super Bowl 2 years in a row?

Miami hosted Super Bowl II in 1968, and Super Bowl III in 1969, both at the Orange Bowl.

What NFL team lost the first ever Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs were the fist team to lose a Super Bowl.

Will the Super Bowl ever be played in Pittsburgh?

No, they only have the Super Bowl in domes now. Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 will be held at a non-domed stadium. The host will be the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. No, but the president of Pittsburgh's tourism agency expressed interest in hosting a Super Bowl

What was first team ever to lose a Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs

What is city farthest north that has ever held a super bowl?

Detroit: 2006

Has a team ever hosted and played in Super Bowl?

No. No team whose city has hosted the Super Bowl made the big game that year.

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