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In men's Division I Basketball through the 2009 season, 7 undefeated teams have won the championship.

1) 1955-56 - San Francisco went 29-0 and defeated Iowa in the championship game.

2) 1956-57 - North Carolina went 32-0 and defeated Kansas in the championship game.

3) 1963-64 - UCLA went 30-0 and defeated Duke in the championship game.

4) 1966-67 - UCLA went 30-0 and defeated Dayton in the championship game.

5) 1971-72 - UCLA went 30-0 and defeated Florida State in the championship game.

6) 1972-73 - UCLA went 30-0 and defeated Memphis in the championship game.

7) 1975-76 - Indiana went 32-0 and defeated Michigan in the championship game.

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Q: Has a team ever entered the ncaa championship undefeated and won the title?
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