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Arizona is the only team to beat three number one seeds in the tournament. This was in 1997 when they beat Kansas, UNC and Kentucky, and went on to become the only number four seed to ever win the tournament.

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Q: Has a team ever beat 3 number 1 seeds in a NCAA basketball tournament?
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How many times in the history of the ncaa mens basketball tournament have four number one seeds reach in the ncaa final-four?

In 2008 this was the first time in the history og Men's NCAA basketball tournment were all four number seeds have had it to the final four. In 2008 for the first time in history of the Men's NCAA basketball tournament all four number one seeds reached the NCAA final four.

Has a number 16 seat beat a number 1 seat in the ncaa basketball tournament?

No, but 15 seeds have beat 2 seeds before.

What seed was unc in the 2009 ncaa basketball tournament?

UNC was a number 1 seed in the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament.

Was Louisville a number 1 seed in the 79-80 NCAA tournament?

The number one seeds in the 1980 NCAA basketball tournament were DePaul, LSU, Kentucky and Syracuse. Louisville was a number two seed. Click on the '1980 NCAA Basketball Seedings' link on this page to see an entire listing of the seedings.

What seed was Wake Forest in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Wake Forest was a number 4 seed in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

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Who won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1948?

The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA basketball tournament in 1948.

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