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Q: Has a ruby union try always been worth 5 points?
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Has a rugby union try ever been worth 3 points?

Prior to September 1971 a try, penalty and drop goal in rugby union were all equal to three points. In September 1971 the points value of a try was increased to four. In April 1992 it was increased again to the current value of five points.

How many points was a touchdown worth 1979?

Six points, same as it has been worth since 1912.

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2 Points. It's always been the same.

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Outside of some fantasy-league scoring systems and the NHL's recently-introduced "shoot-out" format, a goal has always been worth exactly one goal (and one point in the goal scorer's point total).

How many points do you score if you hit the black ring in archery?

I'm not exactly sure, mostly because I've never been too into archery. However, look at where it is on the board, and inferance the amount of points. For example, if its in the middle, than assume its 100 points, and work from there.

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