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As of the 2007 World Series, Livan Hernandez of the 1997 Florida Marlins is the only rookie to have won the World Series MVP award.

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Q: Has a rookie ever won the World Series MVP award?
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Has a rookie ever won Rookie of the Year and the World Series MVP award?

As of the 2008 season, no.

Did A-Rod ever win an MVP award in the World Series?

No, Alex Rodriguez's first World Series appearance was in 2009. The award was won by Yankees designated hitter Hideki Matsui.

Who was the MVP of the 1960 World Series?

Bobby Richardson of the New York Yankees won the World Series MVP award in 1960. He was the only player from a losing team ever to win the award.

Has a rookie driver ever won the Nascar Cup Series championship?


What is the award given to the best rookie baseball player?

It is now known as the "Jackie Robinson Award". Robinson won the first Rookie of the Year Award ever presented in 1947 and Major League Baseball recently changed the name of the award to honor Robinson.

Rookie of the year 1947 baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the winner of the 1947 MLB rookie of the year award as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. This was the inagural year for this award, makinf Jackie the first ever winner.

Who is the only Packer to ever win the Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year award?

John Brockington 1971

What were some of Johnny Bench's accomplishments?

Youngest player to win rookie of the year played on world series winning reds team greatest catcher ever

What New York Yankees player was the first player to win both the World Series MVP award and the All-Star game mvp award in the same year?

That was Derek Jeter. In the 2000 season, Derek became the first player ever to win the All-Star MVP and the World Series MVP award in the same season.

Has Derek Jeter ever won an MVP?

Derek Jeter won the 2000 World Series MVP award, but has never won a season MVP nor ALCS MVP award. He has also won the 2000 All-Star Game MVP award.

Have the Brewers ever won a World Series?

The Brewers have yet to win the World Series.

Who was the last number 1 pick to win the NFL rookie of the year?

George Rogers - 1981 NFL 1st Overall Pick by the New Orleans Saints Offensive Rookie of the Year no #1 overall pick has ever won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

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