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Q: Has a professional golfer ever turned professional boxer?
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Who was the first professional female boxer?

The first professional female boxer was from the United States, and her name was Cathy Davis. She is the only female boxer to ever appear on the cover of Ring Magazine.

Did any golfer score 3 eagles on consecutive holes in golf?

Although Phil almost did it yesterday, no golfer has ever accomplished this in professional play.

Did Tiger Woods work before he turned a pro golfer?

There are no reports that Tiger Woods ever worked before he turned pro.

How do you use arguable in sentence?

Mohamed Ali is arguably the best professional boxer who ever lived.

How do you use arguably in a sentence?

Mohamed Ali is arguably the best professional boxer who ever lived.

Who is the heavyest boxer ever?

The heaviest professional boxer so far is Carl Chancellor at 7'1" 424 lbs. The heaviest champion professional boxer to date is Nikolay Valuev at 7' 323 lbs. Jack Johnson fought at around 205 lbs. The heaviest boxer was Jack Johnson.

Was ba barkis ever a real boxer?

No 'Ba Barkis' is not a boxer.

Who is the younger boxer to ever win a championship?

Wilfred Benitez turned the trick by winning the Junior Welterweight title from Antonio Cervantes

What is Tiger Woods famous for?

Tiger Woods is famous for being arguably the greatest golfer who has ever walked the earth. He has 92 professional wins, including 14 majors.

What boxer has the most ko ever?

The boxer with the record for the most knockouts ever is Archie Moore.

Was Martin de Porres ever a boxer?

Martin was never a boxer.

Who is the greatest Filipino boxer ever?

pacmman was the greatest boxer in the pilipino