Has a pro bowl ever gone into ot?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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since the pro bowl turned into the AFC v. NFC (1971) there have been 2 games that went into OT. I do not know which years or what teams though.

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Q: Has a pro bowl ever gone into ot?
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How Many Times did the Patriots and Panthers go into ot in the Super Bowl?

They've never gone into OT in a Super Bowl. They had a really close game in Super Bowl 38. The Patriots won on a last second field goal though.

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What is the most overtimes ever played in a pro football game?

There have been 3 double-OT games in NFL history, the most recent being the San Diego-Miami game in January 1982. At 41-38, it's often called the best game ever played. There was, however, a TRIPLE-OT game in the USFL in 1984. Los Angeles beat Michigan 27-21 after 3:33 of the 3rd overtime.

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