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There would be no reason to.

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Q: Has a player ever refused to take first base on a walk?
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What if the runner never leaves the base and gets hit?

The player become hit and out and loses his turn to win a point. He should have ran because they throw it to the base not to the person whatever comes first. I am a player in China and I never ever stop when I hit the ball .

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No. Roger Maris never played first base for any team during his Major League career.

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Yes. Mays played 84 games at first base in his career, 76 of which came in his final three seasons.

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Germany Schaefer stole first base. On Aug. 4, 1911, playing for the Washington Senators, Schaefer stole second base conventionally, hoping to draw a throw from the catcher so a teammate could steal home. The catcher didn't throw, so on the next pitch Schaefer ran back to first.

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When Alexander Cartwright devised the rules of the game that were eventually accepted, the batter always ran to first base after hitting the ball.

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