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Yes it has happened 2 times in 1986 and 1997

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Q: Has a number 14 seed ever beaten a number 2 seed in NCAA tournament history?
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In the NCAA tournament how many 12 seeds have beaten 5 seeds?

Since 1985 when the NCAA Turnament expanded to 64 teams the No. 12 seed has beaten the number 5 seed 35 times. Or about 1 out of three.

How many times in the history of the ncaa mens basketball tournament have four number one seeds reach in the ncaa final-four?

In 2008 this was the first time in the history og Men's NCAA basketball tournment were all four number seeds have had it to the final four. In 2008 for the first time in history of the Men's NCAA basketball tournament all four number one seeds reached the NCAA final four.

Has another team ever beaten three other No 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament?

Arizona was the first to beat three No 1 seed teams in a NCAA Tournament.

Did a 16 seed beaten a 1 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament?

never ov cours

Who has the most 1 seeds in NCAA tournament history?


Did a Number 14 seed ever beaten a number 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

Yes east tennesse st was a fourteen seed and beat a three seed iowa

What seed was unc in the 2009 ncaa basketball tournament?

UNC was a number 1 seed in the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament.

How is it possible for a number three ranked team to win the NCAA Tournament and not number one or two?

Rankings are subjective. The NCAA Tournament games are about matchups.

How many 100 point games in ncaa tournament history?


What is the largest comeback ever in ncaa division one basketball men's tournament history?

The Biggest Upset In The NCAA Tournament History is BYU coming back down 25 to beat Iona

What team did Villanova play most in NCAA tournament?

The team that Villanova played the most in the NCAA tournament in 2014 was Cincinnati.

What seed was Wake Forest in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Wake Forest was a number 4 seed in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

What team has average the highest point total in ncaa tournament history?


Who is the shortest player to score in NCAA basketball tournament history?

Spud Webb

Who won the 1933 NCAA tournament?

There was no 1933 NCAA Tournament. The first NCAA Tournament was in 1939 with Oregon beating Ohio State in the Finals.

Who won the 2001 NCAA tournament?

Duke won the 2001 NCAA tournament

How many number 1 seeds have won the NCAA tournament?


Who has most number one seeds in NCAA basketball tournament?


Biggest upset in ncaa tournament history?

Northern Iowa's victory over Kansas

What is the lowest score in NCAA tournament finals history?

53 uconn 41 butler

How are the home and visitor determined in the NCAA tournament?

There are no home and visitors in the NCAA tournament. In the NCAA tournament, games are played in a set location determined by the committee.

Who won the ncaa basketball tournament in 2010?

Duke beat Butler in the Men's NCAA Tournament. UCONN beat Stanford in the Women's NCAA Tournament.

Who is the overall number 1 seed in the 2009 NCAA basketball division one tournament?

The Louisville Cardinals are the overall number one seed in the 2009 NCAA tournament and will be playing in the Midwest Region

Did a Number 15 seed ever beaten a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

No because the 1 seed faces the 16 seed, but 1 seeds are 112-0 in games against 16 seeds.

What year did the NCAA tournament begain?

The first NCAA Basketball Tournament was held in 1939.