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Yes in penalties and freekicks

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Q: Has a goalkeeper ever scored in professional soccer?
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Has a soccer goalkeeper ever scored a goal?


Who is the best soccer goalkeeper ever?

Gordon banks

Who scored the farthest goal ever?

Goalkeeper Robinson scored the farthest goal from a goal kick.

Has there been a professional soccer player that never scored a goal?

Yes, but rarely. Only goalies and defenders never score during their time as professional soccer players but defenders have eradicated that factor as defenders have scored some of the beautiful goals ever scored. Goalies have scored some goals through set-pieces.

Who is the most best goalkeeper in soccer?

Here for the place of the best goalkeeper in the world is strongly challenged by both Gianlughi Buffon and Petr Cech. The first is also the worlds costliest goalkeeper ever.

Who scored the most soccer goals in history?

Pele scored the most goals ever he scored over 1000 goals in his career

Does India have a professional soccer club?

India has all the soccer clubs now and ever was

Who is the smallest ever goalkeeper to play in professional football?

It was Mexico's Jorge Campos I believe. Only 5ft. 6

What soccer player has scored the most goals ever?

Jeremy Picanco, local superstar

What is the best soccer trick ever?

Some may say it is the Scorpion Kick made famous by colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita.

What is the most goals scored ever in 1 game in soccer?

784 - 0 Me vs My Grandmother

Who holds the record for the most hat tricks ever scored in soccer?

laly, with 500 goals

Who is the oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match?

The oldest player ever to play in a professional football soccer match was Billy Meredith - Wales (45 year, 8 months)

Tallest professional soccer player ever?

i don't know who it is but he is Japanese and he is 6f10"

Who scored the first goal ever for Saudi fifa soccer world cup?

Saeed al-owairan

What position does Jose Luis Chilavert play?

Jose Luis Felix Chilavert Gonzalez once played as a goalkeeper in the game of soccer. He is currently the second highest scoring goalkeeper ever. Chilavert retired permanently in 2004.

Are pro sports ever fixed?

yes. the soccer has been fixed in the past. In Italy, the Juventus goalkeeper Buffon was fined for match fixing games

Which goalkeeper has conceded the most ever english premier league goals?

chelsea goalkeeper.

Who is the smallest ever soccer goalkeeper?

Simon gopane who is 5 ft 4Not true. Simon Gopane is 6ft 1in Marino National Goalkeeper Federico Valentini is 5ft 5in

What the most he ever scored in a game in his career?

who ever scored?

Who scored the most soccer goals for Ireland ever?

Robbie Keane currently has scored the most goals for the Republic of Ireland ever; his tally currently sits at 43, more than any other Irish player. For Northern Ireland, it is David Healy who has scored 35.

What does cat mean in soccer?

The likely answer relates to the position of the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper with quick instincts who can pull off point blank saves could be said to reflect like a cat. The most famous example of this is Lev Yashin who was a goalkeeper for Russia and Dynamo Moscow between 1950 and 1970. He is thought by many to be the greatest goalkeeper to ever play the game and is the only goalkeeper to have won the much coveted European Footballer of the year in 1963.

Who is the worst soccer player ever?

There is no way to tell who is the worst soccer player ever because this person probably does not play professionally. The worst professional soccer player might be Luis Suarez who apparently bites people during games.

If a goalkeeper drops the ball can he pick it up again?

yes he can. as a goalkeeper you dont give up on goal never ever!

Who was the first Chelsea fc goalkeeper ever?

Dave peaty