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the term hat-trick originated in the game of cricket in the early 1900`s

If a bowler bowled out 3 batsmen with 3 consecutive bowls then his team-mates would buy him a new hat

the term was then used in hockey for scoring 3 goals in a game and then became the norm for many sports

The above mentioned info is incomplete.

In olden days - the games did not involve a lot of money. The players were not as rich as Sachin Tendulkar or David Becham.

Whenever they achieved a feat like the one mentioned above - a hat was moved in the audience - all the audience used to reward the player with cash - more happy they were - more cash they put in the hat. At the end of the game, the hat was given to the player - and he got a monetory award.

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No most goals in a game for an NHL goaltender is one. 12 goals have been scored by 10 goalies. 6 of those are by direct shot (empty net), 6 are own goals where the goalie was the last on his team to touch the puck.

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Q: Has a goalie ever scored a hat trick?
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