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Q: Has a football player even gotten a touchdown with the football stuck in his face mask?
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Why is a touchdown called a touchdown?

In the earliest days of American football, a "touchdown" required that the ball physically touch the ground beyond the goal line. This requirement was removed from the rules in 1889, but the name stuck.

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It comes from rugby, where a player has to literally touch the ball down in the end zone for the score to count. American football -- which evolved from rugby -- originally required players to touch the ball down, too. The rule was eventually eliminated, but the name of the score stuck.

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In the 1997 playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots did Kordell Stewart step out of bounds on his touchdown run?

If I remember correctly, he did, but he stuck the ball over the goal line before he was out of bounds, making it a touchdown. "Of course he did."

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