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Bobby Isaac- Won the Firecracker 400 on July 4th in 1971 after starting in last place.

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Q: Has a Nascar driver ever won a race from the last starting spot?
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What place does a NASCAR driver have to finish to get paid?

A Nascar driver gets paid no matter what position he or she finishes in. Even the last place driver gets a check.

Who was the last NASCAR driver to die in a race?

Dale Earnheart Sr.

Is there a Nascar driver with the last name Speed?

Yes, Scott Speed.

How much does the last place winner in nascar get paid?

The amount of money won by a NASCAR driver in last place will vary from person to person. This is because it depends on their contract.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win the 2007 Nextel Cup Championship?

Jimmy Johnson.

Who was the last NASCAR driver to win the piston cup?

NASCAR has never had a Piston Cup in any of their series. They did have a Winston Cup and the last winner was Matt Kenseth.

Who was the driver before Jimmie Johnson to win the Nascar championship?

Tony Stewart was the last driver to win the Nascar Cup Series championship prior to Jimmie Johnson, it was in 2005. Johnson has been the champion since 2006.

Who was the last Nascar driver to win a Winston Cup race without a corporate sponsor?

Darrell Waltrip

Who drives the Viagra car in NASCAR?

There is currently no Viagra car being driven in the Nascar Cup Series. The last time Viagra sponsored a car was in 2005, with driver Mark Martin.

Who is the crew chief for Elliott Sadler?

NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler is now a full-time Nationwide Series driver. His last Cup Series race was in 2012.

Who is the crew chief for Reed Sorenson?

NASCAR driver Reed Sorenson is now a full-time driver in the Nationwide Series. His last Cup Series race was in 2012.

Who was the best Nascar driver of the past decade?

Jimmie Johnson. He won 5 championships last decade and had over 50 wins.