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Q: Has a NFL game ever been rain delayed?
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Has there ever been a rain delay at a baseball game?

There have been 10's of thousands of baseball games delayed by rain.

When and Where does Boston Celtics Play on Saturday?

They delayed the game because of rain.

What happens when a baseball game is delayed due to rain?

You dont get to play!

Has a bears game ever been cancelled because of rain?

no football game has, they play through any weather!

Has there ever been an MLB game played in the rain without delays?

yeah, all the time, depends how hard it is raining

Who invented the first shower?

Have you ever been in a rain storm?

What was the longest rain delay in baseball?

I believe the longest rain delay came during the 2008 world series, game 5 between the Phillies and the Rays. After the game was delayed because of the heavy rain and cold, the games resumed 2 days later, when the storm passed.

Do football games ever get rained out?

In vegas do they pay if the game get called because of rain like the marshall- w.virgina game?

Does it always rain at Indianapolis 500?

No. Rain often appears sometime through the qualifying or practice sessions and has often delayed or postponed the race, but there have been many Indy 500's not affected by the liquid menace.

Can baseball be played in the rain?

It can but it is gennerally not done. Last year (2009) in the World Series there were several delayed games due to rain.

Does it ever rain in space?


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