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Many have ... for Super Bowl XLVI, Devin Thomas of the Giants will represent the Spartans.

Some other Spartans that played in the Super Bowl are WR Plaxico Burress (Giants in Super Bowl XLII), WR Mushin Muhammed (Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII and Bears in Super Bowl XLI), LB Carl Banks (Giants in Super Bowls XXI and XXV), DL Bubba Smith (Colts in Super Bowls III and V), G Ed Budde (Chiefs in Super Bowls I and IV), and TE Fred Arbanas (Chiefs in Super Bowls I and IV).

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Q: Has a Michigan state football player ever went to the super bowl?
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How many former Kansas State football player have played in a super bowl?

15 former K-State players have been to super bowls, with 8 of them on the winning team.

Who is the first alcorn state university football player to win a Super Bowl?

LB Floyd Rice of the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XI.

Who was the first player from the university of Michigan to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Rob Lytle was the first player from the university of Michigan to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl. He attended the university from 1973 until 1976.

Who was the last Michigan player to score a touchdown in a super bowl?

ty law

What football player has the most super bowl rings?

Tom Brady

What Purdue football player has the most super bowl rings?

Bob Griese

Who was the first black football player to win the super bowl?

cam newton

Which football player is known as super Mario?

Mario Balotteli From Mancheste City

What skills are needed to be a football player?

basically you need pure determination. you dont need to be big or super strong. if you have a passion for football an you know that you can play and not give up. then you are a football player at heart

Who is the only football player from LSU to score a touchdown in the super bowl?

Jim Taylor for Green Bay in Super Bowl I

How many times did the penn state football team win the super bowl?

No.College football teams like Penn State don't play in the Super Bowl ,but college teams do have a main bowl called the BCS Bowl.

Who was the only Tennessee state football player to score in the super bowl?

Mike Hegman. Hegman, a linebacker for the 1978 Dallas Cowboys, scored a TD on a 37 yard fumble return in Super Bowl XIII against the Steelers.

How many Louisiana state university football players have won super bowl rings?


How many former Ohio State football players have won a super bowl ring?


Who was the only native Oklahoma football player to score a Super Bowl tuchdown?

Terry Brown

How many Michigan quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

Only 1 Michigan State graduate has started as a quarterback in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is the sole person to hold this honor, but he has played in 4 Super Bowls. He started in Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXVIX, and XLII.

What football players have 3 Super Bowl rings?

The only current NFL player to have 3 super bowl rings is Tom Brady.

Has anyone ever won state national and super bowl football titles?

Mike Doss. back to back high school state titles. National champs with Ohio State, and Super Bowl with the Colts.

How many times has the Michigan wolverines won the super bowl?

Never. Michigan is a college, professional teams play in the Super Bowl. For collegiate Natl Championships try this link 11 are claimed, many shared or disputed.

First and last Michigan player to score a Super Bowl td?

first was max mcgee and last was desmond howard

What football player has been to four Super Bowls?

Joe montana terry bradshaw and Tom Brady

Has there been a university of Toledo football player with a Super Bowl ring?

curtis Johnson with Miami dolphins

In pro football if the team wins the Super Bowl does every player get a ring?

Nope,never in a lifetime

MVP player for Super Bowl 2010?

Drew Brees, the best QB to ever play football!

What TV channel will the Super Bowl be on in Michigan?

The Super Bowl will be on CBS.