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No, but many people were close.

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Q: Has a Major League Baseball team ever hit a one run home run a two run home run a three run home run and a grand slam in the same game?
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Is the number three retired from major league baseball?


What is an Immaculate Inning in Major League Baseball?

An immaculate inning in major league baseball is one in which three batters are retired on nine straight strikes.

What is the average life span of a Major League Baseball?

The average life span of a Major League baseball is 7 pitches. Other estimates are three innings.

What major league baseball player hit three grand slam home runs in one week?

Jim Northrup of the Detroit Tigers hit a record three grand slam home runs in one week in June of 1968.

Which three cities have the oldest stadiums in major league baseball?

boston, chicago, anaheim

Who is Zack Jackson?

Zack Jackson plays major league baseball for the Texas rangers. He was born in May 13th 1983. He also was part of three other major league baseball teams.

What are the divisions in major league baseball?

Major league baseball consists of six divisions, three in both the American and National leagues.A.L. (East, Central and West)N.L. (East, Central and West)

What is Selena's favorite Major League Baseball team?

Three Words......New York Mets

Who were three major league baseball players of the 1950s?

Bobo Holloman, Ferris Fain and Bob Borkowski.

What three major league baseball teams never made it to the world series?

mariners, nationals, rangers

Are the San Francisco Giants a good major league baseball team?

Yes. Since 2010, the Giants have become a Major League Baseball dynasty, winning World Series championships three times in five seasons.

Who has hit the most grand slams in 2010?

Currently, The Yankees Alex Rodriguez and the Royals Yuniesky Betancourt are the major league leaders with three grand slams each in 2010.

How many options do Major League Baseball players have?

a player has three option, four if he makes it to the major leagues within 3 years

Who has the most hit for the cycle in Major League Baseball history?

Bob Meusel, Babe Herman, and John Reilly have hit for the cycle three times in their career, a major league record.

In which three cities that the major league baseball team named the Atlanta Braves has played in?

Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta

What is the least number of pitches thrown in an inning of a major league baseball game?

Actually itโ€™s one.

What three baseball teams are named after birds?

Three Major League baseball teams that are named after birds are the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Saint Louis Cardinals.

What does Triple Crown mean in Major League Baseball?

The Triple Crown is awarded to a Major League Baseball player who is ranked first in three major categories. For hitters it is batting average, home runs and runs batted in. For pitchers it is earned run average, wins and strikeouts.

Who won the 1st World Series in Major League baseball?

The Boston Americans of the American League defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League five games to three in the 1903 World Series.

Did the city of New York have three baseball teams in Major league baseball?

Yes, for a period of time it was the N.Y. Yankees, N.Y. Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What three major powers were not members of the League of Nations?

The United States, Germany, and Russia were three major powers that were not members of the League of Nations. The League of Nations lasted from 1919 to 1946.

How many major league sports titles does Boston have?

The Patriots have three. The Red Sox have six. The Celtics have 17. The Bruins have 6. For a grand total of 32.

How many triple headers have been played in the history of major league baseball?

There have been three triple headers in MLB history.

What is Peter Gammons best known for?

Peter Gammons is best known as a "voice of Major League Baseball", being a writer for a column on the major league baseball's official site. He is also very well known for being a "three-time National Sportswriter of the Year".

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