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Yes. Through the 2011 regular season, Tom Brady lost twice to the Steelers (10/21/04 and 10/30/11).

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Q: Has Tom Brady lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Tom Brady w-l record Pittsburgh Steelers?

Brady is 6-2 lifetime against the Steelers.

What is Tom Brady's all time record against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Including the playoffs, Tom Brady has a 6-2 all-time record versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is Tom Brady's win-loss record against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

6 - 1

Why does Tom Brady wear No12?

Because Terry Bradshaw of Pittsburgh Steelers wore number 12 and went on to win 4 Superbowls.

Which NFL wide receiver has the most Super Bowl rings?

Lynn Swann and John Stallworth of the Pittsburgh Steelers with four.

How many times did Tom Brady beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Tom Brady has a 6-2 record versus the Steelers during his career, which includes the playoffs.January 27, 2002 (Conference championship)September 9, 2002January 23, 2005 (Conference championship)September 25, 2005December 9, 2007November 14, 2010

Does Tom Selleck have a favorite nfl team?

Pittsburgh steelers

What game did Drew Bledsoe substitute for Tom Brady when Brady was injured?

The 2001 AFC Championship Game in Pittsburg against the Steelers

Has Ben Roethlisberger ever beaten Tom Brady?

Whoever answered this question previously was wrong. Ben beat Tom Brady his rookie year in 2004. The final score was 34-20. He later lost in the playoffs 41-27 and hasn't beaten Tom Brady since. The only other time the steelers have beaten the patriots was a 33-10 win against Matt Cassel in 2008 when Tom Brady was out with a blown knee.

How many injuries has Tom Brady had?

2008 in Week 1 and vs the Steelers in 2001-02 in the playoffs

Did Tom Nix ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There is no listing of a Tom Nix on the all-time Steelers roster. There was quarterback Kent Nix who played for the team from 1967-1969.

Has Tom Brady ever lost in a Super Bowl?

Yes, he lost in the 42nd superbowl to the Giants.

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