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No have not won a championship yet, they lost a championship game to the Giants in 2007.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-10 22:02:32
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Q: Has Tom Brady and RANdy moss won a championship together?
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Who is faster Tom Brady or randy moss?

Randy Moss by alot

DIDtom brady and randy moss won a championship with the New England Patriots?

They went to a Super Bowl in 2007, but they lost to the Giants.

Did randy moss win a championship?

If you mean Randy Moss the WR for the Football New England Patriots then no he has never won a National Championship.

Who is the best person on the patriots team?

My opinion is Tom Brady, But you have two choices, Randy Moss or Tom Brady. Randy Moss scored over 23 receptions and Brady has over 35 complete touchdown passes.

Who were the leaders of th patriots?

Tom Brady and Randy Moss. 16-0 baby.

Who is expert in football?

For example, People on the patriots, like Tom brady, or randy moss!

TD passes by Tom Brady in 2007?

50 - 23 were caught by Randy Moss.

Who wore number 81 for patriots with Tom Brady?

Randy Moss(2007-2010)

What quarterback and receiver hold the record for most touchdowns?

Tom brady and randy Moss in 2007

Are there any records with Tom Brady and randy moss?

In 2007 Brady broke the record for most single season passing TD's (50) on the same throw that gave Randy Moss the record for most single season recieving TD's (23)

Who is better Tom Brady and randy moss or Tony Romo and terrell Owens?

tom brady and randy moss because terrell Owens had his best year 2007 15 tds, but randy moss the real 81# had 23tds in 2007 that beat jerry rice's tds record at 22tds tom brady tha year had his best year for tds with 50 but i don't now romos td record

What is the value of a football signed by both Tom Brady and randy moss?

You could probably get up to $1,000 for that

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