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No. Tim Tebow played College Football for the Florida Gators.

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Q: Has Tim Tebow ever played for Boise State?
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Has Boise State ever played Alabama?

Boise State has never played the University of Alabama.

Has Ohio State ever played Boise State in football?

No, not through the 2010 regular season.

Has Florida ever played Boise State?

Through the 2010 regular season, no. In the recent past, they have played SEC teams but not Florida.

Has Boise State ever face Penn State in a college football game?

Not through the 2010 season.

Did Tim Tebow ever win a state championship?

Yes. He lead Nease High School to the 4A state title and won.

Has boise state ever played a sec team?

They played Georgia in 2005, and got blown out 48-13. They will also play Georgia in the 2011 season and Ole Miss in the 2014 season.

Did Tim Tebow ever attend Rutgers?


Is the Boise State Broncos football team still a powerhouse football team?

The term "powerhouse" is subjective. Some deny that Boise State ever was, having never won a BCS National Championship title. However, Boise State is still an annually-ranked team in the Top 25 polls, and rarely loses. In 2012, Boise State finished 11-2, including a bowl victory over Washington.

Did Tim Tebow ever play fullback at Florida?


What NFL records did Tebow brake?

None Tim Tebow blows. I think he broke the most incomplete passes ever.

How dumb is Tim Tebow?

.he is the very best person ever

Was Boise ever called Boise city?

Yes, and it still occasionally is called Boise City. Boise City is also the name of a city in Oklahoma, and I believe they always use the full "Boise City," so calling Boise, Idaho just "Boise" reduces confusion.

Was Tim Tebow ever on Georgia bulldogs football team?

No. Tim Tebow spent his entire collegiate career at the University of Florida.

Did Tim Tebow have birth problems?

his mother had a disease that was expected to kill her if she didn't have an abortion, but she had tim tebow anyways and they both lived happily ever after

Did University of Florida ever play boise state University?

Not that I can remember and I'm a long time fan of BSU. We would remember a Florida game.

Who is the greatest athlete ever to play for the Florida Gators?

Tim tebow, Percy harvin, and many more. Tim tebow and Percy harvin could win the heisman.

Was Tim Tebow ever a runner up for Heisman?

2008 behind cam newton

Will Lion King on Broadway ever come to Boise Idaho?

I would like to know if the Broadway show, The Lion King, would ever come to Boise, Idaho. I want to see it so bad!

Has Arkansas ever played Ohio state in college football?


Has Ohio state ever played Alabama state football?

1995 citrus bowl

Has penn state ever played Texas tech in football?


Did Florida state or Miami ever played in the SEC Conference?

No they have Played sec schools but have not been in the sec

Has Ohio state ever played Baylor in football?

Twice ... in the 1978 and 1982 regular seasons ... Ohio State won both games which were played in Columbus.

Did Ohio State ever played Virginia Tech in football?

Through the 2009 season, no.

Has Ohio state ever played Mississippi in football?

No. not through the 2010 regular season.