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Yes, he has won league and cup honours in both Sweden and Denmark. He also finished runner-up with Inter Milan in the UEFA Cup, as well as leading Fulham to the same position in the revamped UEFA Europa League. He has also managed at the World Cup (in 1994) and qualified for Euro 1996, both with Switzerland, before leaving to join Inter Milan.


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Q: Has Roy Hodgson ever won any trophies as a manager?
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Who is the new 2010 manager of Liverpool?

its Roy Hodgson

Who was fulham manager last season?

Roy hodgson

How old is Roy Hodgson?

UK football manager Roy Hodgson is 70 years old (birthdate: August 9, 1947).

Who is the current manager of Fulham County?

The current manager of F.C Fulham is Roy Hodgson.

What is Roy Hodgson's birthday?

Roy Hodgson was born on August 9, 1947.

When was Roy Hodgson born?

Roy Hodgson was born on August 9, 1947.

How does England pick its world cup team?

The manager (Roy Hodgson) chooses the top English soccer players

Who was liver-pools manager before Kenny dalglish?

The manager for Liverpool before Kenny Dalglish was Roy Hodgson, who was sacked and then made a move to manage Wigan Athletic.

Who is the manger of Liverpool?

The current manager of Liverpool Football club is Rafa (Rafael) Benítez. This has now changed to Roy Hodgson from July 2010.

How many premership away games has roy hodgson won as a manager?

Shockingly, in 27 away league games in the PL, Uncle Roy has enjoyed just one win: at Bolton in October.

When did Roy Hodgson leave Liverpool?


Who is manager of Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson (born 9 August 1947) is an English former footballer and now football manager, who is currently the manager of Liverpool F.C.[1]He is considered to be one of the best coaches in the game today and has seen great successes at both international and club level - with a CV boasting 13 trophies (4 league wins in Denmark and Finland) - most notably back-to-back UEFA Cup wins with Inter Milan. He is widely thought to have set the foundations for the great Inter Milan side of today's game which would later seemanagerial stints by Jose Mourinho and Rafael Benitez. Hodgson is probably best known for guiding the Swiss national team to the last 16 of the 1994 World Cup and qualification for Euro 1996; Switzerland had not qualified for a major tournament since the 1960s. He has also coached many notable club sides, including Malmö FF, Internazionale, Blackburn Rovers, Udinese and most recently, at Fulham, where he guided them from relegation battlers to Europa League finalists within 3 years. He was appointed to his current role at Liverpool on 1 July 2010.Hodgson has served several times as a member of UEFA's technical study group at the European Championships, and he was also a member of the FIFA technical study group at the 2006 World Cup.[2] Hodgson has also worked as a television pundit in several of the countries in which he has coached and speaks five languages.