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No, he does not.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-01 04:28:28
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Q: Has Petr Cech got a middle name?
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Is petr cech better than victor valdes?

yes he is because reflex wise Petr Cech has done more phenomenal stops. People only think this because Petr Cech may not be able to see as well because of his cap. It is quite hard to decide because Valdez does not get as much shots as Petr Cech but when Valdez has got the chance to save glorious shots he decides to back down and cannot save them . So in all my theory Petr Cech is better!

Why does Petr cech need his headgear on during matches?

He's had to wear it since an injury to the head he got playing against Reading by Steven Hunt, it protects his skull.

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Is wojciech szczesny a good goalkeeper?

He's only 23 and he has got 75 appearances with 7 clean sheets this season. His ranking is 6.03 on PL fans rating (Petr Cech has 6.62 and he's 8 years older). So that means that Szczesny is good or even better goalkeeper in PL. He has been also MOTM 5 times.

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Do people get head injuries from soccer?

All the time, you can't go a week without a players head bleeding. Chelsea keeper Petr Cech got his head injured so badly he now has to wear a helmet all the time to protect his head, his skull was caved in. Concussion-like effects from heading the ball are not rare in soccer.

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