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Yes, but not since the BCS has been involved

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โˆ™ 2012-08-31 18:56:36
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Q: Has Oklahoma State ever won a football national championship?
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What year did Oklahoma State when their last national title in football?

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have never won a national title in football.

Who did Ohio state play in the 2008 national championship?

Ohio state didn't play in the national championship! Oklahoma and Florida did

Who won the 2014 ncaa football national championship?

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.

How many national championship do Ohio state have in football?

Ohio State has won 7 National Championships in football

How many national championships does Oklahoma State football have?


Which college wrestling team has the most National Championship wins?

Oklahoma State

How many times has Ohio state lost the national championship in football?

Ohio state has lost 2 National championship ballsack chew

When is the last time Michigan State won a national championship?

1966 was the last year Michigan State won a national championship in football.

Who won the 2002 national championship in college football?

Ohio State

Who won the 1977 NCAA National Championship in football?

Penn State.

Has Colorado State University ever won a national football championship?


What year did Peru State win the NAIA National Championship in football?

Peru State won the NAIA National Division II Championship in 1990.

How many national championships has Oklahoma State won in football?


Who won the 1960 national championship in college football?

Ohio State won the NCAA National Championship in 1960 by a SLAM DUNK!!!

How many times has Penn State won the football national championship?

Penn State is credited with two football national championships ..... 1982 and 1986.

Who won the 1991 National Championship in college football?

Colorado state buffs

Who played in the college football national championship 2007?

LSU & Ohio State

Which ncaa team has 3 peat football national championship?

Appalachian State University

Which team won NCAA football national championship 2008?

Lousiana State University

What team won the 2002 college football National championship?

Ohio State Buckeyes

What college football team won the 1957 national championship?

Auburn and Ohio state

Has Oklahoma state won big 12 championship in football?

No. Through 2009, their last conference championship was in 1976 as Big 8 co-champs.

Who did LSU beat in the ncaa football championship game?

In 2007 they beat Ohio State. In 2003 they beat Oklahoma.

What radio station has Oklahoma state football?

the Oklahoma state football radio station

In college football who won the championship in 2007?

Lousiana State University beat Ohio St. University for the National Championship.