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Ohio State is 7-0 all-time vs. Oregon.

01/01/1958: Ohio State 10 Oregon 7 @ Rose Bowl (Buckeyes won National Championship)
11/18/1961: Ohio State 22 Oregon 12 @ Ohio Stadium
11/17/1961: Ohio State 26 Oregon 7 @ Ohio Stadium
10/7/1967: Ohio State 30 Oregon 0 @ Autzen Stadium (2nd game ever played at Autzen)
10/5/1968: Ohio State 21 Oregon 6 @ Ohio Stadium
09/10/1983: Ohio State 31 Oregon 6 @ Ohio Stadium
09/19/1987: Ohio State 24 Oregon 14 @ Ohio Stadium

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Through the 2009 season, they have met twice (1974 and 1984) with Ohio State winning both games.

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Q: Has Ohio state ever played Oregon state in football?
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