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Depends on if he likes soup!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-01 17:27:38
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Q: Has Michel Vick ever been to a Super Bowl?
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Did mike Vick reach the Super Bowl?

Michael Vick has never been to the Super Bowl.

Has Michael Vick ever been to the super bowl?

Michael Vick has never appeared in a Super Bowl.

How many Super Bowl's have been played in February?

Super Bowl XLIV will be the 8th Super Bowl played in February. The first was Super Bowl XXXVI and every Super Bowl since XXXVIII has been played in February.

Was the Super Bowl ever been played on Feb 7 in the past?

No. February 7, 2010, the date of Super Bowl XLIV, is the latest a Super Bowl has been played. Before Super Bowl XLIV, the latest a Super Bowl had been played was February 6 (Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005).

How many super bowls has Michael Vick been to?

0 ... the closest he came was the 2004 NFC Championship game when the Falcons lost to the Eagles. The Eagles went on to lose to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Have the Houston Texans been to the Super Bowl?

The Houston Texans have never been to the Super Bowl.

How many times has Detroit been to the Super Bowl?

The Lions have never been in a super bowl

Have Arizona ever been in Super Bowl?

The Cardinals' first Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

How many wins for NO saints Super Bowl?

saints have been to one super bowl and they won that super bowl.

Have Houston Texans ever been to the super bowl?

As of the 2012 season, the Texas have never been to the Super Bowl.

When Were the lions ever in the Super Bowl?

They've never been in a Super Bowl.

When did the Jacksonville Jauguars make it to the Super Bowl?

They have never been to a Super Bowl.

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