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No Michael carrick has jnot been captain of Manchester United yet.

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Q: Has Michael Carrick ever been Captain of Manchester United?
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What is the nickname for Michael Carrick in Manchester united?


How much is carrick earning?

Michael Carrick, the Manchester United midfielder, earns 70,000 GBP ($113,048.27 USD) per week.

How many goals has Michael Carrick scored?

Michael Carrick has scored 16 goals while playing for the first team for Manchester United in the English Premier League.

What year did Carrick join Manchester United?

He joined Manchester United in 2006.

Is carrick leaving Manchester United?


What is Michael Carrick most noted for?

Michael Carrick was born on 28th July 1981 and is an English footballer who plays as a midfielder for Manchester United. He began his career at West Ham United and then moved to Swindon Town.

What is the Nationality of Man United Michael Carrick?

The Nationality of Man United's Michael Carrick is England.

Who is Michael Carrick?

Michael Carrick (born July 28, 1981 in Wallsend) is an English footballer who, as of January 2014, plays as a central defender for Manchester United. Carrick has played professional football since 1999, and has 31 appearances for the senior England side.

Which of these Manchester united players have never previously played for west ham Michael carrick Wayne Rooney and rio Ferdinand?

It was Wayne Rooney he played with Everton before he played with Manchester United

Who was Manchester united captain in 1992?


How many appearances has Micheal carrick made for Manchester united?


How much did Manchester United sign Carrick for?

For around £17 million

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