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He was dating Sophia Bloxam, 22 from Canada. Matt cheated on Sophia with Kate Hudson, it ended.

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Q: Has Matthew bellamy got a girlfriend?
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Where is Matthew bellamy live?

Matthew Bellamy currently lives in Como, Italy, with his girlfriend. They are not married, but they are engaged.

Does Matthew bellamy has girlfriend?

Sophia Bloxam, 21 from Canada.

Does Matthew bellamy have a girlfriend?

Sadly, yes. Kate Hudson, the actress.

Does Matthew Bellamy have children?

Matthew Bellamy has no children

What religion is Matthew Bellamy from Muse?

Matthew Bellamy is an atheist

What is dom howard girlfriend name?

Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson is the surrogate mother.

How was Matthew Bellamy ex-girlfriend?

Tanya Andrews, Gaia Polloni, Sophia Bloxam.

What is Matthew Bellamy's birthday?

Matthew Bellamy was born on June 9, 1978.

When was Matthew Bellamy born?

Matthew Bellamy was born on June 9, 1978 in Cambridge, England.

Does Matthew Lillard have a girlfriend?

No, actor Matthew Lillard does not have a girlfriend as of 2014. Matthew Lillard got married in 2000 and he and his wife have three children.

How old is Matthew Bellamy?

Matthew Bellamy is 39 years old (birthdate: June 9, 1978).

Has Matthew bellamy tattoos?

Matthew Bellamy never got tattoos because his mother doesn't let him, however, he does like to draw on his arms. He drew "veins" on his arms once. They are most visible in the music video "Feeling Good".

Has Matthew Rhys got a girlfriend?

no one knows....

Does Matthew Bellamy have a dog?


Is Matthew bellamy christian?

No. He is an atheist.

Is Matthew Bellamy Gay?

Heck no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muse plus neutron star collision plus songwriter?

nuetron star collision is a song written by muse. it was released in 2010 and was written by Matthew Bellamy, muse frontman, about his ex-girlfriend and how he felt about her when they first got together.

Matthew bellamy girlfriend?

Sophia Bloxam, 21 from Canada. Although people think they broke up because of Kate Hudson. Matthew Bellamy is suppose to be working with Kate Hudson for the movie "the killer inside me" they were seen together walking in Paris and New York. Rumors started since that.

What is Matthew Bellamy's favourite song?

Matthew Bellamy's favourite song in The Resistance is Undisclosed Desires and the song he is most proud in The Second Law is Madness.

Does Matthew Bellamy have a new girlfriend now?

It was Sophia Bloxam. His new gf now is Kate Hudson. She is actually pregnant with his child. There not married, yet.

Is Matthew bellamy vagetarian?

No. But he likes carrots.

Is Matthew Bellamy a Jew?

No, he's an atheist.

What is Matthew Bellamy favorite band?


What is Matthew Bellamy's religious belief?


Is Matthew Bellamy of Muse a vegan?

No but he is a virgin

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