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No they haven't. But Barcelona FC have. They beat them in the Champions League Final 2009/2010.

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Q: Has Manchester united fc beaten Barcelona Football Club for a trophy before?
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How many time have Barcelona and Manchester United met before?

Barcelona FC and Manchester United FC have only met three times. 1.2008: 0-0 2.2008: 1-0 (For Manchester Utd) 3.2009: 0-2 (for Barcelona)

Which football club did alex Ferguson manage before Manchester United?

Which football club did alex ferguson manage before manchester united?

Who was Manchester united manager before Ron Atkinson?

who was manchester united football club manager before Ron Atkinson

Which is rated better Manchester United or Barcelona Football Club?

Barcelona are the best because they have got one of the best players in the world (messi) and they one against man utd so that just proves it. Barcelona are currently better than Man Utd, but Man Utd have a better and good history in the 80's and 90's and the rest before.

What football teams has David Beckham played for?

Before he played for Manchester United ( Man U ) and now he played for American football team.

What was man citys old football ground called before city of Manchester stadium?

Maine Road

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What football team did john terry support as a boy?

Before Joining Chelsea at the age of 14, he supported Manchester United

Has any football player transferred from Manchester utd to Manchester city?

In recent years Carlos Tevez and Owen Hargreaves have transferred from Manchester United to Manchester City. Sir Matt Busby (former Manchester United manager) used to play for Manchester City. Ryan Giggs was in the Manchester City youth academy before he joined the Manchester United academy and ironically has become a Manchester United legend.

How long did Duncan Edwards play football for Manchester United before he died?

he made his debut in the football div 1 On 4 April 1953 & made 151 appearances before the fatal crash in Feb 1958

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