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no as the Barclays Premier League has been around for only a few years another kirky update dudesss ;)

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Q: Has Manchester united ever been relegated from premiership?
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What premiership teams have been relegated and won promotion the next year?

It is Manchester United, and this year it will be New Castle United.

Who has won the premiership league cup fa cup and champions league and been relegated from the premier league?

Manchester United

When was Manchester united relegated from premier league?

Manchester united have never been relegated from the premier league. in 1974 they were relegated from the old first division

Which football player has won the English premiership won the English championship been relegated from the English premiership but is still playing in the premiership now?

No One. Blackburn, Man United, Aresnal & Chelsea Have Won The Premiership And They Have Never Been Relegated That's not an answer, and Blackburn have been relegated

Which teams have always been in the premiership?

It is Arsenal they have never been relegated ever. Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur

How many times Manchester united have been relegated?


Has Liverpool ever been relegated from the premiership?

No it has never been relegated.

Have Manchester United ever been relegated?

They have never been relegated from the premier league ever since it started in 1992.

What Premiership team has been awarded the most penalties since the Premiership started?

Manchester United.

With which team did Cristiano Ronaldo get relegated from the premier league?

Christiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon , and as Manchester have never been relegated for many years so neither has Ronaldo been relegated.

Has Asernal been relegated in English league?

Amazingly, Arsenal is the only major team in the world to not get relegated in any forms. This fact is not known by many and people will thought that Manchester United has not been relegated before. However, Manchester has been relegated in the 75/76 season!

Has Chelsea ever been relegated from the premiership?

Yes. Only Arsenal have never been relegated.

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