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No it has never been relegated.

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Q: Has Liverpool ever been relegated from the premiership?
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Have Liverpool football club ever relegated from the english premier league?

Liverpool have not been relegated since the beginning of the Premiership.

Has Chelsea ever been relegated from the premiership?

Yes. Only Arsenal have never been relegated.

Has Liverpool football club ever been relegated?

No. There are about 10 teams that have never been relegated, and Liverpool are one of them. That's not actually true they were relegated in the 1950,s

Which teams have always been in the premiership?

It is Arsenal they have never been relegated ever. Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur

Has Newcastle ever been relegated from the premireship?

No They have not been relageted from the Premireship they have been relagated from the premiership.

Have Newcastle ever been relagated from premiership?

Yes they have been relegated years ago from the E.P.L.

Which clubs never got relagated in england?

The club with the longest run in the top flight is Arsenal.They haven't been relegated from the top flight since 1919. Second is Everton & Third is Liverpool. The teams not relegated from the Premiership ever are Man Utd,Liverpool,Everton,Arsenal,Aston Villa & Tottenham.The Premiership has only been im existence since 1992. Inter MIlan in Italy have never been relegated from the top flight.Nantes in France.

Has Liverpool ever been relegated?

Yes, when Liverpool was founded they started as a division 2 team, but made it to division 1 after their success. They where relegated again in 1954.

Will Liverpool ever win the Premiership?

yes, yes that will

Has Barcelona ever been relegated?

No they haven't been relegated

Has Manchester united ever been relegated from premiership?

no as the Barclays premier league has been around for only a few years another kirky update dudesss ;)

As Liverpool ever won the premiership title?

yes a few times

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