Has Jeff hardy ever appeared on ecw?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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yes, his brother matt was on ecw.and they were on every brand together.wherever matt goes jeff goes.wherever matt goes jeff goes.but no all the time that just be weird.

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Q: Has Jeff hardy ever appeared on ecw?
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Will Jeff hardy be drfted to ecw?

hopefully Jeff hardy is the best

Will Jeff hardy be drafted to ECW?

soon in 1 or 2 years

Will Jeff hardy be on ecw?

Only WWE feels like it on the draft.

Which show will wrestler Jeff hardy be on raw smackdown or ecw when he returns to the wwe and when will he appear on tv?

Jeff Hardy returned to WWE RAW after a three year abscence from the WWE. He appeared on TV on August the 21st 2006.

Is Jeff Hardy the king of extreme?

Hell no. Was he in ECW? They're the kings of extreme.

Is Jeff hardy on raw or ecw?

The brand Jeff Hardy is on is Smackdown,he is the WWE champion

Who else will go to ECW after Kurt angle?

jeff hardy RVD & Rey Mysterio

Why does Matt hardy want to fight Jeff hardy?

When Jeff hardy was going to win the wwe championship Matt hardy his brother stopped him from winning the gold Jeff hardy did nothing to his brother to start it He and Jeff hardy argued and Jeff hardy challenged him to an Ecw extream rules match Matt hardy wanted to fight Jeff because of some of the things he said he is also Jeff's younger brother so he wanted to prove he was better than his older brother

Will Jeff hardy come to Cincinnati with smack down and ecw?

i don't know but i dnt think he will becasue he is raw

Matt hardy on smackdown?

Matt Hardy is currently on Extreme Championship Wrestling [ECW], while Jeff Hardy is currently on SmackDown.

Why did Matt hardy betray Jeff?

because he was jealous because Jeff had a wwe belt and Matt lost his ecw belt

What are wrestling clubs?

They're wrestling groups like Raw, Smackdown, ECW, legends, free agents, and TNA.