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No. Illinois has been to four Final Fours ( 1949-51-52-89 ) but never won the championship.

actually Illinois has been to 5 final fours, last one 2005

Yes, Illinois won a NCAA Championship in 1915, going 16-0. This was pre-tournament, so the Helms Foundation determined the NCAA champion back then. The NCAA was founded in 1906.

NO. Illinois has won a NATIONAL Championship, but not an NCAA Championship. The Helms awarded titles years later. For example, UNC has won 5 National titles (1924, 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005) but only 4 of them are NCAA Championships. The title in 1924 was awarded by the Helms Foundation, much like the Illini's title in 1915.

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Q: Has Illinois ever won the NCAA championship?
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