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NO! as of yet Floyd mayweather jr has not lost a professional boxing bout.

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Q: Has Floyd maywether ever lost a boxing match?
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Has Floyd maywether ever been knock down?

no Floyd Mayweather has never been down

What was the longest boxing match ever recorded?

7 minutes 19 seconds

Has anyone ever died in boxing?

Yes, several fighters have died in the ring as a direct result of blows received during a boxing match.

What are the odds of dying from a boxing match opposed to flying?

1 in ever 2200 fights someone dies :(

Who is the youngest ever winner of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship?

Mike Tyson was the youngest man to ever win a heavyweight boxing title but Floyd Patterson is the youngest ever undisputed world champion, though Patterson never fought in the multi commission ruled era of the WBC, WBA, & IBF.

What boxing match brought in the most money ever?

Floyd Mayweather VS. Oscar De lahoya was the most profitable boxing match of all time. However, profit has many dimensions, as to what sources bring in the money. For example, pay-per-view revenue, broadcast rights, ad sponsored revenue, historic inflation, etc., all play a part in the final profit figure. The most attended event might not be the most profitable.

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Was Theodore Roosevelt ever blind?

One eye was blinded during a recreational boxing match while he was the President. The injury was kept secret from the public.

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no boxing is terrible

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Fastest punch recorded?

fastest punch ever performed was by Philip Jones and went 50kmph in 1988,it was a boxing match and he instantly knocked his opponent out Macy Grey. fastest punch ever performed was by Philip Jones and went 50kmph in 1988,it was a boxing match and he instantly knocked his opponent out Macy Grey. i do not know where you got your info but the fastest recorded punch was only 42 miles per hour

Has Elvis Presley ever had a seasure?

Has Elvis Presley ever done boxing ?

Has Floyd mayweather ever been knocked out?

No. Nor has he ever been knocked down.

Who is the best boxing trainer ever?

tito bermudez

Who was the biggest underdog ever to win a heavyweight boxing match?

James "Buster" Douglas beat Mike Tyson in Japan on Feb 11, 1990. Douglas was 42-1 underdog.

Will Pink Floyd ever reform?

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What sport Sweet Science?

the best sport ever boxing

Where did beat boxing originate from?

The 1st ever married couple

Did he win against Floyd money mayweather?

No-One has ever beaten Floyd in a Proffesional Bout, He stands at 40-0-0

How is Muhammad Ali famous?

Most boxing historians consider him the greatest boxer who has ever lived. His charisma and boxing ability made him the face of boxing in the 60s and 70s.

What year was the match invented?

the first ever match was invented in 1905

What is the term for a boxer's attendant?

The term is 'Seconds'. If you watch a boxing match you will notice that an announcemnt is made when ever the 1-minute break between rounds is about to over. The announcement is 'seconds out of the ring' or simply 'seconds out'