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Yes, more info in the "Related Links" section below

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Q: Has Fernando Torres won any awards or prizes?
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Has Fernando Jose Torres Sanz won any sport prizes?

Yes the European cup and the world cup both with Spain.

Does Fernando Torres have a children?

The Spanish and Liverpool striker Fernando Torres does not have any children ashe is not yet married.

Does Fernando Torres do any charity work?

He must be doing charity as all footballers do it.

Does Fernando Torres have any tattoos?

YES ..many!

Have Fernando Torres kissed any other girl than olalla?


Does Fernando Torres have any childern?

yes he has a baby daughter called Nora

Does Fernando Torres have any brothers?

Fernando Torres has a elder brother born in 1977.

Does Fernando Torres have any children?

Unfortunatly, yes. He has a baby girl named Nora.

Does Jose Clemente Orozco have any famous family members?

Fernando Jose Torres

What team did Fernando Torres play for before Madrid?

Torres began his career in madrid. He's never played for any club before.

Was Fernando Torres ever been captain for Liverpool?

no he has never been captain of any team :(

Has JK Rowling got any awards from the queen?

yes she have got many prizes