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which wrestler would attack a diva

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Q: Has Chris Masters ever put a WWE diva in the Masterlock?
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Why do some people find Chris Masters annoying?

This is a matter of opinion. Some people say: * In my opinion he is quite annoying because he is a very new wrestler who has been shoved down our throats and he wins matches with that really disappointing moves, "The Masterlock." * I'd like him to stop the masterlock challenge and ACTUALLY WRESTLE. * He is a pain, but remember he is trying to make a name for himself. * Masterpiece is a head ache. Masterlock challenge = Bathroom break. * The way he disrespected HBK was totally unacceptable. Other people say: * Chris Masters is the greatest wrestler in the WWE. You're just mad because you can't break the Master Lock. * DON't EVER disrespect the Masterpiece Chris Masters. As Jerry King Lawler says during his entrace: Shut Up J.R. Chris Masters has the physique of a greek god (U don't JBL) and the charisma of The Rock (When he 1st came). The Masterlock can break ya neck (that's why it is illegal in some wrestling organizations).

Is tyler reks ever beaten?

Yes, he is beaten by "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters....

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