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In 39 previous Premier League meetings, Chelsea lead the head-to-head record with 13 victories to Manchester United's 12 (with 14 draws). In fact, you have to go back to April 2002 when Sir Alex Ferguson's side last won at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League.

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Q: Has Chelsea beating Manchester united more times than man united have won Chelsea?
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How many times did Manchester united beat Chelsea?


How many times has Manchester united beat Chelsea?


How many times have Manchester United Blackburn RoversArsenal Chelsea and Manchester City have won the premier league?

there is no such team as Roversarsenal ? arsenal have won it 21 times chelsea 2 manchetser united 7 and dortmund 5 times

How many times have Manchester United FC beaten Chelsea FC?


How many times Chelsea beat Manchester United?

how many times cheasea have beat manchesterunited

Which English club has more trophies?

Tottenham were the first, in 1963. Then it was won by West Ham (1965), Man City (1970), Chelsea (1971 and 1998), Everton (1985), Man Utd (1991) and Arsenal (1994). The competition was of course disbanded in 1999.

How many times have Manchester city beaten Chelsea?

never because Chelsea had a match with Manchester city and Chelsea won.

How many times did Chelsea beat Man United?

6 times in man united stories as far as the football concerns

How many FA cups do Chelsea have now?

Chelsea have won the FA Cup 4 times. Chelsea's fa cup final appearances: 1915 - Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea 1967 - Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Chelsea 1970 - Chelsea 2-1 Leeds United (Final replay) 1994 - Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea 1997 - Chelsea 2-0 Middlesbrough 2000 - Chelsea 1-0 Aston Villa 2002 - Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea 2007 - Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

How many times Chelsea has beaten Manchester United?

Chelsea has played 43 matches and won 14 and lost 13 and drawn 16 against the Man U

Who is better Manchester united or Chelsea?

Personal opinion really. But on last seasons performance probably Manchester United. They won the 2008 World Club Cup, Carling Cup and Premiership, as well as getting to the Champions League final. Chelsea won the FA Cup, but we shall see this season. Manu are better!

Who has won more premier league?

1.Manchester United - 19 times and runners up 15 times 2.Liverpool - 18 times and runners up 12 times 3. Arsenal - 13 times and runners up 8 times 4. Everton - 9 times and runners up 7 times 5.Aston Villa - 7 times and runners up 10 times