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Carlton has played Melbourne in 8 finals for 2 wins and 6 losses.

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Q: Has Carlton played Melbourne in an AFL Final?
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Who played in the 1999 AFL Grand Final?

Carlton Blues vs North Melbourne

Who won the 1907 afl grand final in Australia?

the Carlton Blues beat the South Melbourne Swans in the 1907 VFL Grand Final 6.14.50 - 6.9.45

Who won the afl grand final in the year 1999?

North Melbourne Kangaroos won the Premierhip in '99, defeating Carlton Blues by 35 points

What two teams played the 1995 afl grand final?

Carlton defeated Essendon by 61 points.

Who are the olderst team in afl?

Melbourne and Geelong with Essendon, Collingwood and Carlton coming in Next

Who won the AFL phremiership in 1999?

The Kangaroos (North Melbourne) defeated Carlton by 35 points.

Who were the first two teams to play in the AFL?

The first round of the VFL (renamed AFL in 1990) was in 1897. The games were all played on Saturday May 8th. The teams the played were Fiztroy v Carlton, Collingwood v St Kilda, Geelong v Essendon, South Melbourne v Melbourne.

Who won the afl grand final in the year 2000?

Essendon won the 2000 AFL grand final over Melbourne.

Who are Top 5 teams who have won the most grand finals in AFL?

Essendon, Carlton, Collingwood, Melbourne, ??

What year was last draw in grand final afl?

1977 had a VFL Grand Final Draw - Collingwood and North Melbourne. North Melbourne prevailed the week after. There has not been one in AFL before. (VFL became AFL in 1990)

Where will the 2010 AFL grand final be played at?

It's played at the MCG every year regardless of the teams that are in it. It will be played where it is always played: at the famed, MCG - Melbourne!

Which AFL team has won three successive premierships?

Carlton: 1906-08 Collingwood: 1927-30 Melbourne: 1939-41 Melbourne: 1955-57 Carlton: 1979-82 Brisbane: 2001-03