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yes he has..he is also a wonderful and respected athlete. A Very down to earth man.

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Q: Has Carlos el famoso hernandez ever made foundations of donated money?
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Why is Carlos el famoso important?

In world war II he was a gang leader who fought a famous battle called "The battle of Came" I don't know how the name "Came" came to be (no pun intended.) But anyways, Carlos el famoso was playing a game of cards with his fellow gang members, when suddenly three Germans burst into the room. The leader started shouting orders at the other two. Thinking quickly on his feet, famoso and his fellow gang members shot the Germans. When they went running out of the room they saw the Germans had captured many american soldiers and were taking them away. Famoso and his friends followed the german trucks to the camp where they had placed the americans. Famoso and is gang snuck into the camp and broke the american soldiers out. That's when the germans and americans and famoso and his gang started fighting the battle of came and how famoso became important.

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The Spanish word 'famoso' means famous in English, which means to be well-known. This is the masculine form of this word; the feminine form is 'famosa'.

How do you say Famous in Spanish?


How do you say famous in espanol?

famoso/a celebre(s)

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Es un músico famoso / célebre / de renombre. ¡Él es un músico famoso! (más enfático con el uso explícito del pronombre "él")

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Famoso/a de ser alto/a. (Male/female)

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Famous musician (not famous music--that would be música famosa).