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No, although he had some very good running backs with Green Bay.

Ahman Green played 7 seasons with Favre at Green Bay (2000-2006) and, except for 2005 when he was injured and played only 5 games, rushed for 1000+ yards in every season. He rushed for 8162 career yards with Green Bay and had a best season of 1883 rushing yards in 2003.

Prior to Green, Dorsey Levins rushed for 1000+ yards in two seasons (1997 and 1999) and Edgar Bennett rushed for 1067 yards in 1995.

In his one season (2008) with the New York Jets, Thomas Jones rushed for 1312 yards.

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2009-12-29 06:32:50
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Q: Has Brett Favre had running back comparable to Adrian Peterson on his previous teams?
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