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Yes, one Super Bowl in 1997. Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers that defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. (35-21)

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Q: Has Brett Favre ever won a Super Bowl?
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Has Brett Favre ever played in a super bowl?

Yes, Brett Favre played in two Super Bowls. He beat the Patriots, then lost the next year to Denver.

Has Brett Favre ever won Super Bowl mvp?

No. In Super Bowl XXXI, Desmond Howard was the MVP. The Packers lost Super Bowl XXXII.

Has Brett Favre ever been to a Super Bowl?

Yep 1997 and 1998 ... Super Bowls XXXI and XXXII

Has Bret Favre ever won a Super Bowl?


Is Brett Favre the greatest quarterback ever?

yes Brett favre is the best quarterback ever

Who is the only other Packers' quarterback to take a snap in a Super Bowl under center besides Bart Starr and Brett Favre?

There hasn't ever been another quarterback in a Super Bowl besides those two.

Did Brett Favre ever have an affair?

Not that we know about.

Have the lions ever beat Brett Favre?


Has Brett Favre ever won a super bowl ring?

Yes. Brett Favre has one Super Bowl ring. He won his ring against the New England Patriots after the 1996 season.Brett Farve was the Green Bay starting quarterback in SB XXXI, played 1/26/97, when the Packers defeated the New England Patriots 35-21. The following year the Packers also made the Super Bowl, but lost to Denver 31-24. That victory gave John Elway his first Super Bowl ring.

Did Brett Favre ever play on the Chicago Bears?

Favre was never a Bear.

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Did any NFL team ever beat three Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in the playoffs and Super Bowl?

The Saints! (2010, Superbowl XLIV)--beat Kurt Warner (Arizona) and Brett Favre (Minnesota) in the playoffs before beating Peyton Manning (Indianapolis) in the Superbowl.

Has Brett Favre ever been arrested?

No, he is a good boy!

Did Brett Favre ever play on the Oakland Raiders team?

No, he did not.

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The first team Brett Favre beat ever?

The Bengals

Did Brett Favre ever take ballet?

i hope so

Who has the lowest woderlic score ever in the NFL?

Brett favre

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Did Brett favre ever take a knee to start a game?

Absolutely not

Who is the oldest person to ever play qb in the nfl?

Brett Favre

Did Reggie White ever sack Brett Favre?

No, rick Hansen did.