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In a recent interview with Wrestling Illustrated he said that he was out of it for good. He also had a bicycle crash where he hit his head against a curb and he wasn't wearing a helmet which resulted in a stroke.

Yes, he did have a crash. He got injured he lost feeling in his legs so he needed to get the feeling back.

Yes, only, and only if WWE will apologize for screwing him in `97. The WWE had no choice. He was going to go to WCW, but he wouldn't give up the belt to HBK. He was the only one Vince wanted to have the belt.

No, Bret had a stroke because of a kick he received from Goldberg that ended Bret's career leaving many serious problems. He does various Indy promotions and talks about his career in shoot interveiws.

I can dispute that he could return he wount be the first to come out of injury to wrestle again.

Bret Hart may return. If he does, he'll probably immedietly get hunted down by the legend killer Randy Orton. And if Orton's RKO is powerful enough, it'll probably give Hart a stroke and end up with Hart right out of action again. If Hart realizes that, he may go to wrestle in TNA, where Jimmy Hart is, and where he'll be more successful in my opinion.


No, he will not. Bret is now 48 years old. Kurt Angle wanted to wrestle him at Wrestle mania 20 and Hart said it would be an honor but he just can't do it anymore.

The kick to the head is not what did Bret in for good. While it ended his active wrestling career, Bret would have been much more likely to be able to wrestle "one more match" if it were not for the bicycle crash and subsequent stroke that left one side of his body paralyzed. Not many people realize the severity of what a stroke entails. Even more recently, on WWE's Byte This!, Bret said that he would absolutley love to wrestle Kurt Angle if he could have one more match, but that would be in a dream world, as he put it. The only person who knows if Bret could physically do one more match is Bret himself. While other wrestlers have came back from "career ending" injuries (HBK, Austin, Kurt Angle, etc,) a stroke is much more serious than a bad back or bad knees.

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Q: Has Bret Hart recovered from his serious injuries from Goldberg and his bike accident and is he still able to wrestle?
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