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I can't remember specific charities off the top of my head, but Bobby Orr is known as the most giving athlete (both time and money) in Boston history.

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what charities is Bobby Orr involved with ..... where does he reside..... how many children does he have... is he still married...

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Bobby Orr has a history of philanthropy in Boston. His main charitable efforts have been directed at helping Children's Hospital, and also helping the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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He has 3 dollars and fifty cents now

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Q: Has Bobby Orr donated to any charities?
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Her name is Peggy. They also have 2 sons Darren and Brent.

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No. Orr was never in the top 5 penalty minutes leaders in any NHL season he played.

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If you mean for hockey, he was signed to the Bruins at age 12, so he didn't play at any high school. Bobby Orr attended R.S. McLaughlin C&V.I in Oshawa Bobby Orr played for the Oshawa Generals, in the Ontario Junior A League, as a teen ager, while going to high school in Oshawa. The Generals were a Boston Bruins "farm team " and still exist. Orr's NHL rights were held by Boston, and it was a sure thing that he would "move up to the NHL " as soon as he was old enough to do so. Jim B. Toronto.