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No, Australia has never hosted the FIFA World Cup.

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Q: Has Australia hosted the soccer world cup before?
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Related questions

Have South Africa hosted the world cup before?

South Africa has never hosted the World Cup in soccer before.

How often has Australia hosted the FIFA World Cup?

Australia has not even once hosted the FIFA World Cup.

Which country hosted the 2002 soccer world cup?

The 2002 world cup was jointly hosted by Japan and South Korea.

Who hosted the 1986 world cup soccer?


Who hosted the 1950 Soccer World Cup?


Which two countries hosted the 2002 men world cup in soccer?

The 2002 world cup was hosted by South Korea and Japan.

What country hosted soccer's World Cup and what country won the World Cup in 2010?

Hosted by South Africa; won by Spain.

What country hosted the first world cup in soccer?


What country hosted the 1994 Soccer World Cup?


When was the last USA hosted Soccer World cup?


Who hosted the world cup of soccer in 2010?

South Africa

Which country hosted the last world cup soccer?

South Africa hosted the men's in 2010. Germany hosted the women's in 2011.

Whoch three countries have hosted the most soccer world cups?

Mexico, Italy, France and Germany hosted the FIFA World Cup twice.

Who hosted the 2006 world cup in soccer?

Germany, in 2002 it was co-hosted by south Korea and japan and in 1998 it was in France

Who hosted the soccer world cup 2002?

It was hosted by two countries for the first time ever , Japan and South Korea.

Which country hosted the first ever Soccer World Cup?


What stadium hosted the world cup soccer final year1986?

The Azteca Stadium in Mexico City hosted the World Cup Final in 1986, which Argentina won.

Who hosted the cricket worldcup 1992?

Australia and new zee land has hosted the 1992 world cup.

Which continent has never hosted the World Cup?

Australia and Oceania. However, Australia is bidding for the 2022 World Cup.

When did Japan host the football World Cup?

American Football japan hosted in 2007 IFAF World cup. In soccer japan hosted the FIFA world cup with Korea in 2002

What country has hosted cricket soccer and rugby world cups?

South Africa

When did US host the soccer World Cup?

The USA has only hosted the FIFA World Cup once, in 1994. They also hosted the FIFA Women's World Cup in 1999.

Has Australia ever hosted the world cup? 1992

How did the countries that hosted the soccer world benefit?

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What country hosted the World Cup soccer tournament held this year?

South Africa