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In 1999, Alabama defeated Florida twice, winning in the regular season 40-39 and in the SEC Championship Game 34-7.

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Q: Has Alabama played Florida twice in one season?
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What team did Alabama defeat twice in route to the 1999 SEC championship?


What schools does Southern Cal have a losing record against?

Against teams that they have played at least 5 times, only Alabama (2-5) and TCU (2-3). They have played North Carolina, Kansas State, and Florida State each twice and lost both games. They have played Florida twice and are 0-1-1.

What team did Alabama defeat twice en route to the 1999 SEC championship?

=== === FLORIDA!! Roll Tide! === ===

What were the results of all Southern Cal vs Florida football?

Through the 2008 season, USC and Florida have played twice with the Gators leading the series, 1-0-1. 1982: Florida 17, USC 9 1983: Florida 19, USC 19

Has University of Florida and FSU every played a game in the Gator Bowl?

No. Florida and Florida State play their regular season games in either Gainesville or Tallahassee and have met twice in bowl games ... the 1995 Sugar Bowl and 1997 Sugar Bowl.

Did the Florida Gators ever play Oregon Ducks in football?

Yes. As of the 2008 season, the Gamecocks and Trojans have met twice with each team winning once. In 1980, the Trojans won 23-13 in Los Angeles and in 1983, the Gamecocks won 38-14 in Columbia.

When was the last time Alabama beat Florida twice in 1 season?

During the 2013 season, Alabama suffered two losses in a row. They lost the Iron Bowl on November 30 to Auburn in a 28-34 L and followed that up by losing in the Sugar Bowl on January 2, 2014 against Oklahoma, 31-45. It was the first time since 2010 that the team had lost more than one game in a season and the first time since 2008 that they lost two games in a row. In 2008 they lost in the SEC championship game to Florida and then lost the Sugar Bowl against Utah.

How many times has Maryland played Alabama in football?

3 with Alabama winning twice and Maryland winning once ... Alabama won in 1952 and 1974 and Maryland won in 1953.

How many times had Peyton manning played the Oakland Raiders?

He played the Raiders twice this season

How many times did joe paterno get penn state to a BCS bowl appearance?

Twice. 2005 season - Beat Florida State in Orange Bowl. Game played 1/2/2006 2008 season - Lost to Southern California in Rose Bowl. Game played 1/1/2009

What is the Michigan football record versus the sec?

As of the 2008 season, Michigan's record against the SEC is 20-5-1. Since 1994,Michigan is 7-1 against the SEC. They've defeated Auburn, Alabama and Florida twice in recent bowl games.

What is the only current Major League Baseball team to win every post-season series its ever played?

Through the 2008 season, the Florida Marlins. The Marlins have made the playoffs twice (1997, 2003) and won the World Series both times.