Hardest measured punch

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There are currently no world records pertaining to the power of a punch (only one record exists for speed of a left jab). Every alleged scientific study reported on the internet has used flawed methods of measurement not acceptable to genuine scientific standards, and the number of individuals measured is not large enough to qualify as a thorough study. Most (if not all) quoted statistics have no verifiable sources cited to substantiate the claim.

If any contributors find an authentic world record, or peer reviewed, genuine scientific study, feel free to add the information here. Be sure to include citations for verification.

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Q: Hardest measured punch
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What is the record for the hardest punch?

the hardest punch is by callum he maneged to kill someone with his pinkey finger he is a 12 year old kid and he was in court for murder too a 23year old man he was in 4 years in prison

Which boxer has the most powerful punch?

The ring magazine once measured rocky marciano's punch and it was found to carry the same amount of energy needed to spot lift a 1000 pounds 1ft into the air.

How many decibels can a person produce in a single punch?

A decibel is a measure of sound intensity. Punches are normally measured for speed or force, I've never heard of anyone measuring a punch for its sound intensity.

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A punches power, believe it or not, comes from the legs. As you go to throw Your punch, your back foot will pivot causing a chain of kinetic energy to begin spiraling up the body. From the back foot to the knee, from the knee to the hip, as the hip pivots, the energy is rushed through the core of your body, to the shoulders to the elbow, to the wrist and hopefully your target. practice the movement several times in a mirror and focus on picturing the energy from that back leg...when you do it successfully you have the possibility to throw out about 700lbs of pressure...Swing Hard

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