Harder to drive more powerful car?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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no its not,,,,,is really easier to drive a more powerful car

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Q: Harder to drive more powerful car?
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Is it hard to drive a car in high heels?

Not that much harder, since you drive with your toes and rest your foot on your heel. no

Why is it harder to stop a train then a car?

The train weighs more, much more.

How do you make car more powerful?

Change the engine.

Is saloon car more comfortable to drive than SUV?

Yes, the car will handle and drive much more confortably.

Can you drive a car that needs to have its brake pads replaced?

The more you drive it the more it will cost.

How did the Model T ford work?

You start by getting in the car, then you start the car by taking the key and putting it in the transmission. After you do that you push the right hand side peddle down just a little bit and don't be scared but the car will start moving. If you are a teenager and you just got your liesense do not get this for your first car because this car is a little more harder to drive then it is to drive a regular car. if you have any questions please just ask me.

Do you get more turn out of a car if you drive slower?

depends on the car

Should powerful cars be restricted to experienced drivers?

I think that someone should get more experience before they drive a powerful car. But there are many factors that would need to be considered before a law could be written, so I never see it happening.

Why is a train faster then a car?

A train is faster than a car, because it has more powerful engine.

Can you drive more than one person in the car when your 17?

Yes, if you have your driver's license then you can legally drive more than one person in the car with you.

How do you get from England to Australia by car?

You Can't drive a car from England to AustraliaAnyway if you try to drive u need a boat more than a car

When do I use drive or drives in a sentence?

I drive to work every morning. She drives a car. My computer has one drive. / My computer has two drives. My brother drives me crazy. His thirst for knowledge drives him to study harder.