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You should always get a hard maple bat. If you are getting a maple bat then you want something hard that is why maple is so popular because of the density and strength of the wood. If someone is trying to sell you soft maple it is because it is being made out of their bad billets.

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Q: Hard maple or soft maple baseball bats?
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Is maple a soft or hard wood?


Is American rock maple a hard wood of soft wood?

Hard wood.

Is ash a hard or soft wood?

Ash is extremely hard, this is what baseball bats are made of.

What is the diffence between softwood and hardwood?

density. sugar maple is a soft wood red maple is a hard

What types of wood are maple and pine wood classified as?

Maple is a hard wood (from a leafed tree) and pine is a soft wood (from a conifer). In this case both wood also have the described character (hard vs soft) not always the case.

Is the baseball hard or soft now?

It is hard

Is baseball hard or soft?

Get hit by one and tell me. A baseball is relatively hard, but not as hard as a golf ball, but harder than a tennis ball.

Can you give me 2 types of hardwood and softwood?

Oak and Maple are hardwoods Pine And Fir are soft woods

What is the average name of the red maple?

Acer rubrum, Red Maple, is also known as Swamp or Soft Maple.

Is maple a soft or hardwood?

Hardwood- it is deciduous

What temperature is Ontario maple syrup boiled at and cooled to to make soft maple sugar?


What are the seven kinds of baseball bats?

wood (ash, maple, birch),soft ball, fungo(Practice), big barrel (usually aluminum), titanium, composite, aluminum. Other popular models: the amp hybrid (Comp. + Alum.), black magic (aluminum alloy)