Updated: 9/25/2023
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Who is the lead soldier in Toy Story?

sarge is the lead soldier

What is a sentence using the word test as an adjective?

Soldier, test fire your weapons now!

How do you get a soldier to take a paternity test if he is unwilling?

Contact the soldiers command. They will make him take the test.

Why do they test for lead in blood?

Lead is a toxic metal that can build up in the body over time and cause serious health problems, especially in children. Blood lead tests are done to measure levels of lead in the body and identify exposure. High levels of lead can lead to developmental delays, learning difficulties, and other long-term health issues.

Why and how did emiliano zapata lead the revolution?

He was a soldier from the Mexican Revolution, Puto.

Crisis core lead character Zack fair is a soldier within what company?

Shin-Ra Electric Company, or SOLDIER to be precise.

Is this paint safe?

There is no sure fire way to test paint for lead via home based chemical compounds. The only way to test for lead is to buy a lead paint test kit.

What actions must not be taken when a soldier has registered positive for drugs on a urinalysis test?

Don't go crazy, and quit being a soldier.

In lead acetate test what element in the amino acid is detected to be present in this test?

Sulfur is the element. The lead-acetate test detects presence of sulfate or sulfide.

How do you test a car battery by removing the ground wire?

Put the red test lead on the positive and the black test lead on the negative post of the battery and see the result.

What test is than for tan tube?

The tan test tube is used for lead determinations. in other words to check lead levels

What is the colored precipitate obtained in the sulfur test or lead acetate test?

The colored precipitate obtained in the sulfur test or lead acetate test is lead sulfide (PbS). Lead sulfide is a black precipitate that forms when hydrogen sulfide gas reacts with lead ions in a solution, indicating the presence of sulfide ions in the original sample.