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Q: HAve NBA games always been 48 minutes?
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Has it always been 82 games in a nba season?


When did NBA go to 12 quarters?

no it has always been 12 miniute quarters because the intermission in beetween is about 3 minutes

How long is a quarter in the NBA?

In the NBA, a quarter is 12 minutes long.

What has always been the height of an NBA basket.?

always 10ft

How long were the quarters in a NBA basketball game in 1990?

12 minutes. same as it always has been.

How many minutes longer are NBA basketball games than college basketball games?

8 minutes. The NBA plays four 12 minute quarters for a total of 48 minutes. College plays two 20 minute halves for a total of 40 minutes. Overtime periods in each are 5 minutes.

How much time do you have in basketball?

It depends. The NBA game is 48 minutes. The college and international games are 40 minutes. The NBA game has four 12 minute quarters while the other two have two 20 minutes halves.

What are the reviews for Yahoo NBA like?

The reviews for Yahoo NBA are very good. Yahoo Sports has always been known for providing a good sports section for their readers and people who like to join in on sports fantasy games.

How long were nba games in the 60s?

The same as it is now: four 12 minute quarters.

Has nba rims ever been shorter than 10 ft?

No, the NBA has always had 10ft high rims.

Was the NBA playoffs always been a 7 game series?

i guess it has

Who has been ejected from the most NBA games?

My guess is rasheed wallace. I know he always gets techs. My guess is rasheed wallace. I know he always gets techs. My guess is rasheed wallace. I know he always gets techs.