Guys in spandex

Updated: 10/19/2022
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No way!!! Girls do need to wear spandex; it increases their range of motion and shorts will get in their way. But guys? They should wear short shorts; not spandex!!!

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Q: Guys in spandex
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Why do guys wear white spandex?

Because they like the color white. Because they like white spandex.

What is the best swimsuit for guys?

# speedos # trunks # spandex

Is there a sport or martial art in which guys wear tight spandex leggings except skiing?


Is there a martial art in which guys wear tight spandex leggings?

In Savate (French Kickboxing) they wear long legged unitards in competition.

Types of spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic fiber. There are different types of Spandex fabric. The two most common is Two-way Spandex and Four-way Spandex.

Is spandex fire resistant?

Yes some spandex is waterpoof

Is spandex a natural or synthetic fiber?

Spandex is a synthetic fibre.

Where do they sell spandex?

Usually you can get spandex shorts from volleyball tournaments

What is translation for Spandex in Spanish?

The translation for spandex in Spanish is: licra.

Is spandex flammable?

no, spandex is completely flame retardant. the only way to prove it for sure is to wear spandex and light yourself on fire.

Is spandex a natural fabric?

No, spandex is a synthetic fibre. Or 'man made'.

Where can one purchase a spandex bodysuit?

A high quality and full-fitting spandex bodysuit can be purchased online. New spandex bodysuits can be purchased at American Apparel, or used spandex bodysuits can be purchased on Ebay.